MK Michael Malkieli
MK Michael Malkieli Hezki Baruch

MK Michael Malkieli (Shas), the deputy speaker of the Knesset, spoke of the negotiations between Shas and the Likud as the parties seek to form a coalition.

"We are coming to Netanyahu with 22 mandates, with the same positions on the issue of enlistment and the maintenance of the status quo, Netanyahu is forming the coalition and he has to fit the square into the circle," Malkieli told Arutz Sheva.

Associates of Prime Minister Netanyahu have claimed that the demands of the haredi parties are "extortionist."

|If Netanyahu thinks so, he will call the faction leaders and say so."

Liberman says he will not agree to legislation that means a halachic state.

"There are many things in the status quo document that we do not like and still swallow ... We do want to preserve the existing situation, that is, there will be a Jewish state in the public sphere ... There are parties that need to internalize that the elections are behind us and there are results."

Is there any real fear that we will have to go to hold election soon?

"We will not join a government that does not fit our guidelines, Shas has been in opposition for many years. We hope to be in the coalition. "

Do you have any crisis with United Torah Judaism?

"In the central things we know how to work together, and in the negotiating teams with the Likud there is cooperation with United Torah Judaism and there are common interests"

Has a new era begun between Shas and the Union of Right-Wing parties?

The coalition of Bennett and Lapid we met in the 19th Knesset will not be united with the right-wing parties of today. "

Do you see the Blue-White Party or parts of it coming into the coalition?

"I believe that they do not want to join. If Blue and White will continue to lead the platform they presented in the elections, you cannot sit with them, and if they are willing to believe in what we believe, then we will sit with them."