Rafi Eitan
Rafi EitanFlash 90

Mossad agent Rafi Eitan, who led the Mossad's operation to capture Nazi Adolf Eichmann and bring him to trial, died on Saturday at 92.

Eitan was one of the founders of Israel's intelligence community, and he was a former chairman of the Pensioners' Party.

He also headed the Lekem intelligence agency during the period when Jonathan Pollard was employed as an Israeli spy in the US, and served as Minister of Pensioners' Affairs during former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's term (2006-2009).

While serving as head of the Mossad's operational division, Eitan commanded the operation to capture Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

The operation was successful and Eichman stood trial in Israel and was thereafter executed.

On Saturday, Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital announced: "Minister and intelligence official Rafael (Rafi) Eitan died of old age at the age of 92. The family thanks the hospital for the dedicated care he received. Additional details will be announced by the family at a later date."

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin mourned Eitan, commenting: "We have lost a brave fighter whose contribution to Israel's security will be taught for generations to come. Rafi was a born fighter who stuck to his mission and to what he knew to be right."

"Our heads are bowed today in his memory, and we part from him in sorrow and thanks, and with deep appreciation for his contribution to the people and the country."