Qatari money for Hamas
Qatari money for HamasReuters

The defense establishment recommended to the political echelon at the cabinet meeting to transfer the Qatari money to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in the next few days, Kan 11 reported Wednesday evening.

According to the report, senior security officials said during the meeting that the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization was the group which carried out the attack in which an IDF soldier was shot yesterday and not Hamas.

They also claimed that the Hamas terrorist organization has refrained from creating provocations against Israel in recent days.

Sources who took part in the meeting claimed that some of the ministers and even the prime minister himself listened with great interest and some even expressed their support for them.

At the same time, however, there has been no change in the decision to stop the transfer of money from Qatar to Hamas in Gaza.

According to Arab media, the Qatari envoy stated that he believed Israel would soften its position and allow the money to be transferred before the end of the week