Roi Abecassis
Roi AbecassisDavid Stein

Last Friday, the World Bnei Akiva Movement (WBA) extended the term of its general director, Roi Abecassis, by another four years, during a four-day conference where WBA delegates from all around the world met in Jerusalem to make a number of ideological and strategic decisions.

Since being appointed in July of 2015, Abecassis’ outstanding achievements include expanding the geographic scope of its branches to places such as Nuremberg and Buenos Aires.

Abecassis also helped launch the world preparatory program, which is a religious preparatory program for young people in Israel and the Diaspora of which some 90 students participate in. Abecassis was also responsible for the WBA’s significant financial turnaround after founding “World Mobilization Day.” Starting in 2017 and in the midst of a fundraising campaign that reached out to communities in which WBA branches operate, Bnei Akiva has managed to raise millions of shekels per year.

While thanking World Bnei Akiva and its delegates for their confidence in him, Abecassis stressed, "We will have a lot of work ahead of us. Together with members of the movement around the world, we will designate two goals: expanding the movement's operations among Jews who are increasingly becoming alienated from Judaism and continuing to strengthen Aliyah amongst our alumni.