Empty Knesset plenum
Empty Knesset plenumFlash 90

Amos Danieli, a former army comrade of Prime Minister Netanyahu who saved Netanyahu’s life during one of the operations of the Sayeret Matkal commando unit, is establishing an Arab-Jewish party that is focusing on the treatment of minorities.

Israel Hayom reported on the establishment of the new party, noting that over the years, Netanyahu and Danieli were divided in their political positions, creating a certain disconnect between the two.

"There is no left or right. The goal is to influence the situation of minorities in Israel from the government and to bring about an egalitarian society that provides equal opportunities for all its citizens," Danieli told the newspaper, adding, “It appears the conditions for creating a strong society based on values ​​of equality and social solidarity are ripe.”

Among Danieli’s colleagues in the party are Walid Diab, a social worker from the northern Israeli Arab town of Tamra, who has set up an addiction rehabilitation center for Jews and Arabs, and former head of the northern local council of Eilabun, Jaris Matar.

Israel Hayom also cited Netanyahu himself, as he spoke at an event marking 50 years of Sayeret Matkal about the incident during which Danieli saved him. "I almost drowned in the Suez Canal after we returned from an operation in the War of Attrition. During the battle, bullets whistled from all sides and hit my boat. I jumped into the water with a heavy ammunition box on my back. My friends Doron Zalzberg and Amos Danieli grabbed me by the hand and prevented me from drowning."