Nantes, France hosted an anti-Zionist conference to criticize Israel's existence and Judea and Samaria communities. The French Department of Loire-Atlantique testified its commitment to the recognition of a Palestinian state, living in peace with Israel, when it signed, last week, a pact of friendship.

The pact was signed with eighteen communities in Judea and Samaria and the Governorate of East Jerusalem, to 'affirm their support for the respect of international law'.

Signed in the presence of representatives of the Jerusalem Governorate and the Palestinian Embassy in France, this pact will affirm the the will of the signatory municipalities, the Department and the Governorate of Jerusalem to 'work together for a peace respectful of the rights of the Palestinian people' .

The agreement was initially signed on November 29, on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. November 29 was chosen because of its 'special significance for the Palestinian people'. 'On that day, the General Assembly adopted, in 1947, the so-called resolution on the plan of partition, which envisioned the creation in Palestine of a 'Jewish State' and an 'Arab State', with 'Jerusalem being placed under a special international regime,' a statement explained.

Nantes, France
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