US Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke on Friday at the IAC conference in Miami, received thunderous applause from the audience after making it clear that America stood by Israel.

Pence also attacked Airbnb's boycott of Judea and Samaria, promised that Iran would not arm itself with nuclear weapons, and condemned any expression of anti-Semitism.

After leaving the stage, Pence met with Miriam Peretz, an Israel Prize winner who lost two of her sons fighting in IDF combat units. Peretz told Pence about her fallen children Eliraz and Uriel and thanked him for his rousing speech.

"His speech strengthened me greatly, because his speech was a speech of hope, and that is what we should have heard, " Peretz recounted.

Peretz’s son Eliraz was killed in 2010 near the Gaza border. Another son, Uriel, was killed in Lebanon in late 1998.

During his speech, the US Vice President said that President Trump is Israel's best friend. "America stands by Israel. As I said in the past in the Knesset, we stand by Israel because the goals are the same and the values are the same. Its war is our war. I stand by Israel because supporting the Jewish state is not a party matter, but an American one," Pence said.

"President Trump promised to stand by Israel and promised that the Palestinian Authority would not receive financial aid as long as it supported terror."

"In light of the decision by Airbnb to boycott East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, we say that the BDS is wrong and has no place in the United States," added Pence, addressing the vacation rental giant's decision to delist Jewish-owned properties on its website.