Car in swimming pool
Car in swimming pool iStock

In Maryland, USA, a particularly stormy driving lesson ended with a splash into the public pool.

Police and firefighters in Maryland were shocked last week by the unusual sight. At the bottom of the public pool was a private car - and it was not quite clear how it got there.

Rescuers were alerted to reports from citizens about a vehicle that had deviated from the main road and broke through the pool's fence. Although the vehicle quickly sank, authorities reported that the two in the vehicle were more successful in escaping than driving and managed to get safely out through the car windows and swim to the pool's edge.

A police investigation revealed that a man in his 50s and a woman in her 60s decided to learn driving for the first time. During the lesson, the two decided to train in a parking lot that was apparently out of use. It is not yet clear who was the teacher and who was behind the wheel - but the lesson was probably not so good.

So the next time you fail a driving lesson or test - remember it can always be much worse.

Luckily, one of the swimmers was quick enough to photograph the vehicle just before it had sunk into the deep water and posted the picture on the Internet:

'But the sign said car pool'
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