Moran Samuel
Moran Samuel Detlev Seyb, Daniel Rowing Centre

Israeli Paralympic rower Moran Samuel took part in the FINAL A today at the 2018 World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She completed the 2,000 meter race, second in line, with only 11:02.06 minutes on the clock, leaving behind competitors from Italy, USA, Germany, and Canada.

Last year at the World Championships, while being three months pregnant, Samuel took the silver.

Today’s amazing achievement comes four months after giving birth to her little girl, this being the first race Samuel competed in since returning to practice. She said: “Reaching the World Championships four months after giving birth, and winning a medal is something I could only dream of. So reaching this moment is truly incredible and an opportunity to thank my family and everyone who came here to support”.

Dani Fridman
Dani Fridman Detlev Seyb, Daniel Rowing Centre

Next to Moran, in the Men’s Single Sculls race, Dani Fridman broke his personal and the Israeli record, finishing the FINAL C race in first place with only 06:50.81 minutes on the clock. He is now placed 13th in the world (out of 32). This outstanding result could stand the test of FINAL A. Excited and overwhelmed, Dani said: “I send my thanks to everyone for their support, to the Daniel Centre and all my sponsors. I finished in 13th place in the world with the best time for me and for Israel, I missed by a bit, but I will be back…..Happy New Year”.

More Israeli achievements at the Worlds- Shmulik Daniel, the Paralympic rower, reached 13th in the PR1 Men’s Single Sculls races (out of 19).

All of the rowers practice at the Daniel Rowing Centre in Tel-Aviv and will return to work after the holidays in preparation for next rowing season.

Moran Samuel
Moran Samuel Detlev Seyb, Daniel Rowing Centre
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