Nabil Abu Rudeineh
Nabil Abu Rudeineh Reuters

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, on Friday condemned remarks made by US President Donald Trump’s top adviser Jared Kushner in an interview with the New York Times, in which Kushner insisted that the Trump administration’s recent funding cuts to the PA do not impede the prospects of peace.

Kushner told the newspaper in the interview, "There were too many false realities that were created — that people worship — that I think needed to be changed. All we’re doing is dealing with things as we see them and not being scared out of doing the right thing. I think, as a result, you have a much higher chance of actually achieving a real peace."

In a statement quoted by the Wafa news agency, Abu Rudeineh said Kushner’s statement indicates that “[he] is unaware of the reality of the conflict, and is an attempt to mislead and falsify the history of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian sanctities.”

“Peace will only come through the two-state solution with East Jerusalem as capital of the State of Palestine, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the resolutions of the Arab summits. Continuing to deny the historical and religious facts of the Palestinian people will put the region at stake,” he added.

“The US understanding of things reflects an irresponsible policy that will lead to a destructive vacuum and pose a real threat to the international legal order,” Abu Rudeineh charged, adding that the Palestinian people will not give up to pressure or sanctions.

“US trends are evidence of a blind bias for false concepts, and represent a complete failure of the US efforts that are not based on facts that can lead to a real and lasting peace,” he concluded.

Kushner’s interview came as the Trump administration continues to work on its peace plan for Israel and the PA.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused to consider the Trump administration an honest broker for negotiations since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December.

PA officials have repeatedly rejected the Trump administration’s peace proposal, claiming it was coordinated with Israel.

On Thursday, Trump’s Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt, who is working on the peace plan with Kushner, told Reuters in an interview that US negotiators had entered the “pre-launch phase” of the plan.

Greenblatt also made clear that both sides can expect parts they will like and dislike about the peace plan.

“We’re going to have to defend the plan to Israelis and Palestinians. We are ready for criticism from all sides, but we believe this is the best path forward for everyone,” he acknowledged.

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