Holding aloft a missile fragment, Gaza-area artist Yaron Bob explains to a Kann interviewer that not long ago the projectile had penetrated an Israeli car.

"The incredible Iron Dome is Israel's missile defense system. When rockets are fired into Israel, the Iron Dome shoots a missile to intercept the rocket, preventing destruction and the murder of innocent lives," says the description of one item on Bob's website.

"Bring Israel's heavenly protection into your home with this limited-edition Mezuzah made from an actual Iron Dome missile!"

"I cut it into rectangles, polish it, and craft the mezuzot. My mezuzot get grabbed up all over the world. They cost between $150-200."

Asked how much profit he can extract from a single Kassam missile, Bob makes a quick calculation and answers "About $2,000 per Kassam."

A tour of his storage area reveals a representative variety of the weapons constantly aimed at Israel's children: "Here are rockets that fell a month ago; this one's a 120mm, this one's a Grad. Wanna see a whole Grad?" he asks deferentially, and lifts one from the pile. "Made in China," he says. "This one here fell in Dimona."

The interviewer asks Bob,"How do you have all these types?" and Bob retorts, "How do they?"

His website, Rockets into Roses, describes other works of Bob: "Be in awe of this exquisite Menorah with seven branches, designed from actual rockets fired into Israel," says another item description. "From the Hebrew and English inscriptions of 'beat their swords into plowshares' at its base to the intricate detail of each branch and candle-holder, this Menorah is absolutely extraordinary. Display this in your home and be inspired by what it represents - turning terror and darkness into peace and light, in a very literal sense!"

"Beautifully designed Rocket Rose sculpture, this handmade piece is made from Kassam rockets that fell in Israel. It features four beautiful long-stemmed roses coming out of a rocket, symbolizing the idea of growth emerging from destruction."

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