Surgery (illustrative)
Surgery (illustrative) Flash 90

Racheli grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Just weeks before her planned post-high school trip to Israel, she was involved in a major car accident, leaving her with a broken arm and a severe head injury.

After a week in hospital and three months in rehab, Racheli discovered within her soul an inexplicably strong connection to Israel, and she insisted on celebrating her 18th birthday in the Jewish Homeland.

Despite severe memory loss and instability in the emotional and social realms due to the frontal lobe injury, Racheli succeeded in reclaiming the second half of her year in Israel, going on to study for her degree in Occupational Therapy at a university in Melbourne, and making Aliyah.

One of the most fascinating elements of Racheli's story is her developing relationship with G-d as a result of the injury. She relates in detail the process she went through to discover that everything G-d does really is for the best.

Tune in to meet a warm, positive and inspiring young woman who doesn't let anything stop her from succeeding at her goals.


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