Certificate of appreciation for resident
Certificate of appreciation for resident IDF Spokesperson

The head of the Binyamin Regional Council, Avi Roeh, and the commander of the Binyamin Brigade, Colonel Sharon Asman, last night gave a certificate of appreciation to Assaf Raviv, a resident of the community of Adam, who last month neutralized the terrorist in the attack in the community.

Assaf, who was on his way to a bicycle ride and carried his personal weapon, responded to the terrorist and quickly neutralized him, thereby preventing even more harm.

The certificate of appreciation was awarded as part of the dedication ceremony of Yotam Hall in memory of Yotam Ovadia, who was murdered in the attack.

Colonel Asman said at the event, "About a month ago, we experienced a serious attack in the settlement of Adam, in which Yotam Ovadia was murdered and two of the residents of the town were wounded. This attack reminds us at the beginning of the new year that challenges still lie before us. We will continue to act in order to ensure security for all the residents of the region, to take initiative and stand as a wall between citizens and terror."

"The attack reminds us that it is not only operational or technological capabilities that are determining, but first and foremost, the sharp and precise operational edge - man. Assaf, you are a model for soldiers, commanders and civilians carrying weapons in the Binyamin area. I salute you in my name and the name of all residents of the community for your contribution to their defense. "

Avi Roeh said, "We came here this evening to commemorate the memory of Yotam with a building called the Yotam Hall. Here, a corner will be erected in his memory to see the actions of the hero who came to fulfill the mitzvah of honoring his father and mother and was murdered. Tonight we also came to honor Assaf Raviv, who neutralized the terrorist heroically and prevented further casualties in the community."