MK Rachal Azaria
MK Rachal AzariaHillel Meir/TPS

MK Rachel Azaria (Kulanu), who is running for mayor of Jerusalem, intends to deal with all of the disputes and controversies affecting the capital of Israel.

"There were a lot of tensions in Jerusalem.Everything was floating on the surface, and a lot of friction was created," Azaria said in an interview with Israel Hayom. "Like the gay pride parade, which has been taking place in the city for years. There is a court decision on the matter. There is no discussion at all. I think that it is impossible to not hold a pride parade in a capital city."

"But in recent years there has been progress," she added. "I fought a lot against the exclusion of women in Jerusalem, against the separation of bus lines, against the removal of women from billboards, against gender segregation in the haredi areas of the city center."

"Now the haredi women, who once supported me behind the scenes, openly lead these struggles. This is progress, and this means that we are at a stage where friction can be prevented in advance," she explained.

Azaria said that she would not have ran against Nir Barkat if he had run tfor another term as mayor. "Also because it's hard to deal with a mayor who is serving, and because I think he did a good job, all in all. We had big clashes, like with Ramot. But still, I think he was a good mayor."

"Jerusalem developed during his time, both culturally and as a tourist destination. Negative emigration has fallen. There is more community awareness and action. I'm not sure he initiated and moved the beautiful community processes that are happening in Jerusalem, but he certainly allowed them to happen," added MK Azaria.