Scene of incident in Paris
Scene of incident in Paris Reuters

An armed man is holding three hostages, possibly including a pregnant woman, in a building in northern Paris, reports say.

The man claims to have a handgun and a bomb, and demands to speak with the Iranian embassy and French government.

Police have surrounded the building in Rue des Petites Écuries, and streets in the area have been sealed off. Police anti-explosive robots are patrolling the street outside the building.

French special forces are currently in negotiations with the hostage-taker.

The hostage-taker told police that one hostage is “seriously injured” after he hit the victim with a wrench, according to the Express.

According to reports cited by The Guardian, the hostage-taker entered the building by pretending to be a food delivery courier. He hit one man, who managed to flee, in the face. A pregnant woman also managed to flee and is being treated for shock.

The hostage-taker told police negotiators that he has a letter for the Iranian ambassador, which he wants the ambassador to hand to French authorities.

Police have said they do not believe the incident to be terror-related.

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