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Dr. Aryeh Bachrach, a leader of the Almagor terror victims' organization who himself lost a son in a terrorist attack, said that the summoning of the Spanish and Belgian ambassadors for a reprimand would amount to nothing.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors after their countries voted at the UN Human Rights Council in favor of an investigation into Israel's response to the violent riots in Gaza last Monday.

"They have not heard that the IDF is the moral army in the world?! After all, the prime minister says this at least six times a week," Dr. Bachrach said.

Bachrach notes that apparently European countries do not believe this worn-out mantra, just as some of the "mentally frail" Israelis, as he puts it, do not believe it.

"The morality of the IDF is neither interesting nor impressive," said Bachrach, suggesting a new way to understand the source of resistance to Israel. "The real reason for the behavior of the European countries is anti-Semitism."

"It is very important for us to have a relationship with you, but it is impossible and inconceivable at the same time to support the nuclear agreement with Iran that threatens the destruction of Israel," he said.

In conclusion, Bachrach noted how he believes Israel and the IDF should act. "I totally disagree with this assumption of morality. If in the name of morality the IDF prefers an enemy life over a loving life, then it is not a moral army. I prefer an army with another morality, the fundamental Jewish morality."