The renowned Jewish jurist Alan Dershowitz was invited Tuesday by US President Donald Trump to dinner in the White House, and various media outlets estimated that Trump asked Dershowitz to advise him on how to deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's aggressive investigation.

Dershowitz, who frequently appears in the media and is also known as an ardent defender of the State of Israel, is identified with the Democratic Party - but he has often claimed that Mueller has exceeded his authority in the investigation against Trump and that the appointment of a special prosecutor is problematic as far as democracy is concerned.

The jurist said after the dinner with Trump that he had come to the White House for a preplanned conversation with some of the White House staff about Israel and the Middle East. During the day, he claimed, the president invited him to dinner, during which they spoke about the Middle East and a “range of subjects."

Dershowitz mentioned that he had written six books on Israel and had advised presidents since Bill Clinton about it, and that it was a "passion" for him.

In a television interview with Fox News, the jurist stressed the severity of the steps taken by FBI investigators under Mueller's guidance when they raided the home and office of Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen.

According to Dershowitz, the raids violate civil rights as defined in the American Constitution. He compared a violation of confidentiality between a lawyer and his client to violation of medical confidentiality, or listening to conversations between a husband and wife.

Some in the right-wing media believe that Mueller is trying to get Trump to make a mistake - like firing Mueller - that will create complications for him politically. This is because no incriminating material against Trump was found during investigations of suspicions of collusion with Russia for election tampering.