"Shocked and angered"
"Shocked and angered"iStock

North America Reform Movement President Rick Jacobs attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following cancellation of the agreement with the United Nations regarding infiltrators and his decision to establish a parliamentary committee to investigate the activities of the New Israel Fund.

"Shocked & angered by PM Netanyahu’s attacks on New Israel Fund, which for decades has been a trusted champion of an Israel embodying the prophetic ideals of our Jewish tradition, including economic justice, religious freedom, human rights & more," tweeted Jacobs.

According to Jacobs, Netanyahu is to blame for the situation of infiltrators in Israel. "If the PM is looking to assign blame for the tragic plight of asylum seekers, he can look no further than the mirror."

The North American President of Reform is uncomfortable with the word "infiltrators" and claims it is intended to frighten Israelis from "asylum seeking" Africans. He also protests the proposal to place the infiltrators in the Hulot facility.

"From fomenting fear with his use of the term 'infiltrators' to the humanitarian disaster of detention centers to yesterday’s shameful flip-flop on a UN-brokered deal to positively resolve the situation, he has done the wrong thing time & again," opined the reform rabbi living in North America.

Israeli activists have in the past distributed leaflets to infiltrators in their native language containing addresses and phone numbers of left-wing activists backing demands by infiltrators to be given legal status in Israel. The activists encouraged infiltrators to avail themselves of leftist hospitality personally by providing the activists' personal contact information in mock invitations.

"Shocked and angry"
"Shocked and angry"iStock