Education Minister Naftali Bennett arrived on Thursday evening at the home of Miriam Peretz, mother of fallen IDF soldiers Uriel and Eliraz Peretz, in order to personally inform her that she had won the Israel Prize for her many activities to strengthen the Jewish-Israeli spirit.

Eliraz Peretz was killed in 2010 near the Gaza border. Uriel was killed in Lebanon in late 1998.

"I have just arrived at Miriam Peretz's home to personally tell her that she was awarded the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement for strengthening the Jewish-Israeli spirit," Bennett wrote on Twitter. "Miriam Peretz, ‘the mother of the sons’, who lost Uriel and Eliraz, has dedicated her life to educational activities.”

"Miriam did not choose the harsh circumstances of her life, but chose to live and revive an entire people. She is the mother of us all. Mazal tov," Bennett added.

Earlier on Thursday, Bennett announced that he will award the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement and Special Contribution to Society to former Foreign Minister and former Likud lawmaker David Levy.

In announcing the award, Bennett noted Levy's ascent from his humble upbringing as a construction worker who immigrated from Morocco to one of Israel's highest ministerial posts.

Despite being a longtime Likud member, Levy broke with the Likud in 1999 to form the Gesher and summarily allied with Ehud Barak's government.

Levy has two children who serve in the current Knesset: Jacky Levy from the Likud and Orly Levy-Abekasis, who broke off from Yisrael Beytenu in 2015 and recently announced the launch of her independent yet to be named faction.

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