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MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List) on Monday morning was removed from an Education Committee discussion after she called IDF soldiers "murderers."

"Do you think is is appropriate to say that all Arabs are murderers? What kind of comparison is that? IDF soldiers are dealing with a complex reality, one that you yourselves have created," MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Jewish Home) said.

"Terrorists who are killed brought it on themselves. You should be ashamed of yourself."

When Zoabi was ordered to leave the discussion, she refused, forcing two guards to physically remove her. She then insisted that she would "leave on her own," but insisted on screaming into her microphone as she gathered her belongings, forcing the guards to physically remove her from the room.

"Maybe you forgot some of your belongings on the Marmara, too," Moale-Refaeli pointed out.

Footage of Zoabi on the Turkish Mavi Marmara flotilla proves Zoabi's involvement in an attack on IDF soldiers. Zoabi has met with senior Hamas terrorists, said that Israel has "no right to a normal life," and stated that "Jews are not nationality, so we cannot talk about self-determination for the Jewish people."

In October 2017, Zoabi said, "We use this democracy - of course, there is a question of why you...give legitimacy to Israel when you are within the Knesset. This is true. So remember, I am telling you now that now we have the ability to use these tools, the democratic tools, for our own interests, for our own national approaching [sic].

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