Stealing a car (illustrative)
Stealing a car (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police arrested a gang of vehicle thieves responsible for thefts across Israel.

The suspects, two Bedouin from the southern city of Rahat, as well as an additional Israeli Bedouin from the southern city of Kuseife, would steal commercial and off-road vehicles from open parking lots near train stations and army bases around Israel.

Proofs discovered during the investigation connected the three with the thefts of 23 vehicles stolen in the past two months.

In addition, some vehicles were damaged when the thieves attempted unsuccessfully to steal them. The thieves stole various expensive tools and equipment from vehicles as well, worth dozens of thousands of shekels.

The suspects were arrested on two weeks ago on December 13, while attempting to steal a vehicle from an open parking lot in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva. Their arrest has been extended, and the investigation is nearing its end, when it is expected that the suspects will be indicted.