Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan Flash 90

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) announced a new plan to fight infiltrators and those who aid them.

The plan includes six possible steps allowing law enforcement to fight the infiltrators, mostly Palestinian Authority residents, and their supporters. In the coming weeks the plan will be brought to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation for approval.

Among other things, the plan includes administrative revocation of drivers' licenses, confiscation of vehicles used for transporting illegal infiltrators, minimum fines for those who transport a large number of infiltrators, and granting taxi drivers the right to demand documents proving a person entered Israel legally.

In addition, the memorandum of the plan distributed to Knesset members extends the temporary order in the Entry into Israel Law by another three years. The list of extenuating circumstances in transporting illegal infiltrators will be updated, while differentiating between private individuals and companies, and will decide the level of punishment for illegal transportation.

"Those who employ illegal infiltrators endanger the lives of Israeli citizens," Erdan said. "During the recent terror wave, we saw how dangerous the presence of infiltrators can be, both in city centers and in construction sites. We must severely punish those who employ and host these people, so that it will not be worth it for them to endanger Israeli citizens' lives in exchange for money."