NetanyahuPhoto by Haim Zach/GPO

Israel is at an historical 22-year low in the unemployment rate of its citizens.

As of July, the unemployment rate stood at 4.1%, which represents only 164,000 unemployed.

Data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics indicate that the downward trend of unemployed persons aged 15 and over continues, and the unemployment rate in July stood at 4.1%, a decrease of 0.2% compared with June.

This is the lowest unemployment rate since 1995. The unemployment rate among men is lower than among women, at 4% compared to 4.2% among women.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that "Israel is blessed with the lowest level of unemployment in 40 years; this is one of the lowest indices in the world, and is proof that our economic policy is working."

Economics and Industry Minister Eli Cohen said that "the unemployment figures presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics are proof of the wise and responsible economic policy of the Israeli government.We will continue to act to create quality employment opportunities in order to bring about the growth and continued establishment of the Israeli economy."