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Students of a Migdal Haemek high school put their heads together to find a cheap, easy way to prevent parents from forgetting to take their children out of cars. The students, who aren't planning to profit from their invention, walked around explaining the problem and solutions to local parents.

For the past four years, students at the Ort Rogozin High School have participated in leadership groups intended to advance social initiatives aimed at helping both the students and the local community. At the beginning of the year, the group's leaders chose the goal of trying to find a solution for parents who forget their babies in vehicles.

The students looked for an easy, cheap, accessible, and effective solution to the problem, Hebrew-language news site Maariv reported. They took a strong, flexible, string and attached a clip to each end of it.

One end of the string attaches to the baby's car seat, and the other attaches to the driver's clothing, so the driver cannot leave the vehicle without detaching the clip.

The first step, they told Maariv, was to create 200 "Baby Thread" clips together with a note saying, "Mom, Dad, don't forget me!" and a short instruction sheet. The note is meant to be placed on the vehicle's rear-view mirror.

Next, they held an information day and brought the kits to municipal parks, preschools, and daycare centers. Parents received an explanation about the problem, as well as instruction on the various ways of preventing such tragedies from occurring.

Local residents thanked the students for their initiative and offered them a warm embrace.

"I was so excited to see these students so filled with pride, telling parents about their new invention," the leadership group's leader Clara Kokhan said. "This is true leadership. They gave their invention to the residents, and they received a lot of praise and appreciation."

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