An amazing clip snapped from the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu depicted an unusual incident which took place over the Baltic Sea. The incident highlights the tensions between the US and Russia.

The video shows an American F-16 warplane flying just tens of meters from the minister's plane. A Sukhoi Su-27 Russian warplane can be seen approaching the American airplane, which then moves further away.

Shoygu was on his way to Kaliningrad for talks on security issues according to a report online.

On Monday another aerial incident occurred over the Baltic when an armed Russian Sukhoi Su-27 tailed an American RC-135. The Russian plane, armed with air-to-air missiles, approached the American aircraft fast and passed just 1.5 meters away from it. After closing on it, the plane performed aerial maneuvers in a provocative manner and flew "unpredictably" according to a Fox News report.

The incident occurred a day after the Russian Defense Ministry said that Russia would relate to any American airplane flying west of the Euphrates in Syria as a target. This statement came after the US downed a Syrian plane which was bombing US-backed forces in Syria.