"Palestinian History"
"Palestinian History" צילום: יח"צ

For less than ten dollars, a new book by Assaf Wall has recently been sold under the title "History of the Palestinian People - from Ancient Times to Modern Times."

The book contains almost 120 blank pages, implying that there is no such thing as a history of the Palestinian people.

However, he has already reached a high sales volume of books related to the Middle East on the international sales site 'Amazon'.

The author told the Mako website today (Monday) that he wanted to emphasize that there are no historical sources for the existence of a Palestinian people.

"It is possible to argue about the history of the Jewish people, and when - the First Temple, the Second Temple, etc. But in this case, the Palestinians have nothing, absolutely nothing ... This is a political invention of the last century and a few years ... You have not heard Palestinians demand a right to a state when Jordan ruled Judea before the Six Day War".

Wall says this is not a joke. "A few dozen were sold in the Hebrew edition, and a few hundred in the English edition, and I tried to understand how they got to me, and it turned out that someone had put it on the Jewish Press site and there were people who understood the pun a little more, but that's not just for the troll. If you buy a physical copy it augments your argument. If you hand it to someone who is arguing with you, it's a hard argument to contradict."