The Western Wall and Temple Mount
The Western Wall and Temple Mount Zack Wajsgras, Flash 90

Al-Quds General Mufti (Islamic scholar) Sheikh Muhammad Hussein warned Israel of the possible consequences which may result if Jews "break into Al-Aqsa mosque and hold religious Pesach (Passover) ceremonies on the Temple Mount."

Hussein serves as the mufti for the Arab areas in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, as well as a member of the Islamic-Christian Association.

In a statement published on Monday, Hussein said that "continued attacks against sites holy to the Muslims and Palestinians, and especially against Al-Aqsa, will turn the entire region into a ticking time bomb and cause a religious war, whos results cannot be fathomed."

He also called on all Muslims to strengthen their ties to Al-Aqsa by holding prayers there "in response to the activities of Jewish organizations, who are trying to cause a dangerous escalation."

The Palestinian Authority and other Islamic associations have continuously denied Jews' rights to access the Western Wall and Temple Mount, even going so far as to push the United Nations to pass their opinions as an official resolution.

In the Arabs' opinion, the entire Western Wall area is part of Al-Aqsa's territory and known as the Wall of Al-Buraq, where Mohammed tied up the animal he flew to heaven with.

Jewish organizations recently appealed to Israel's Supreme Court for permission to reenact the Pesach (Passover) sacrificial ceremony at the foot of the Temple Mount. They did not receive permission, however, and are currently planning to hold the reenactment in the Old City's Jewish Quarter.

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