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US President Donald Trump conveyed a message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu through world-renowned Attorney Alan Dershowitz, Haaretz reported Wednesday evening.

An Israeli source told Haaretz that Dershowitz delivered the message to the Prime Minister in a phone call last week, after meeting the President by chance at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in southern Florida.

Trump and Dershowitz spoke for over 20 minutes.

Dershowitz told Haaretz that one of the subjects they discussed was the Arab-Israeli peace process. Trump said that he knew of Dershowitz's friendship with Netanyahu and how highly the Prime Minister values his advice. He therefore asked Dershowitz to convey his message to Netanyahu.

“The president told me he loves Israel and likes Netanyahu and said a few times he wants to get a deal between Israel and the Palestinians,” Dershowitz said.

According to Dershowitz, Trump showed impressive knowledge of the core issues in the conflict including borders, security, the status of Jerusalem, Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, and the status of Arab refugees and their descendants.

“He knows very well the possible elements of the deal,” Dershowitz said. “The president told me he thinks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants to get a deal with Israel and that he [Trump] thinks that the time is ripe for a deal and that it is possible.”

Dershowitz did not confirm or deny that he delivered the President's message that peace is possible now to Netanyahu,

In the coming weeks, President Trump will meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Reports suggest that Trump is interested in pursuing a regional peace initiative in the Middle East, of which Egypt would be one of the main delegates.

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