Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Minister Gilad Erdan Thursday excoriated Breaking the Silence activists for their decision to take actor Richard Gere on a tour of Hevron.

"I ask Breaking the Silence activists: I saw on Channel 2 that it was urgent for you to invite Richard Gere to a guided tour of Hevron during the two-and-a-quarter days he was here. Not that I have a problem with tours in Hevron. On the contrary, I was there this week to embrace soldiers and policemen and pray in the Cave of the Patriarchs, something that always fill me with strength," Erdan began his Facebook post.

According to Erdan: "The problem with the tour that you did for Gere is that it is a part of your despicable activity, funded with foreign capital, a biased tour that completely blackens the face of the State and our soldiers.

"Tell us, also, according to your approach: What did Israel gain from the fact that you also caused Richard Gere to believe that there is apartheid here (a repugnant and morbid lie, but we'll let that pass for now)? How exactly did this advance your goals? Thanks to the tour you arranged for him in Hevron, also this charming and influential man detests us; are you really pleased with that? Was this a successful day for you, telling a guest from abroad how cruel our soldiers are?", wondered Erdan.

"I assume you did not tell Gere during the Hevron tour how many Palestinian terrorists came from there during the terror wave, how many brainwashed terrorists ran with a knife at Israelis aiming to brutally slash their throats ... I guess you did not tell the American guest that in London, as here, we are dealing with radical Islamic terror that seeks to drain our lifeblood. You were content to present him a distorted picture, to send press releases to the foreign media and your donors outside of Israel in order to harvest another few dollars. The money will perhaps reach you, but the bill will be paid by our soldiers. You are dust at the feet of our fighters, the heroes of this country. Shame on you," Erdan concluded.

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