Terror in Jerusalem
Terror in Jerusalem ZAKA

Noam Kadar, a cadet from the Erez battalion in Training Camp 1, who was present Sunday at the site of the Armon Hanatziv terror attack in which an officer and three cadets were murdered, responded to allegations that the soldiers were afraid to shoot at the terrorist who perpetrated the attack.

"I, as opposed to many other people- was in Armon Hanatziv," Kadar wrote in her Facebook account , adding that "my friends were wounded and some were even killed so I have one request from all of you."

"Please stop listening to unsubstantiated reports by those who run to publicize rubbish and distorted information. Please stop spreading views which are based on baseless lies. Please stop trying to sell psychological explanations about what went on when I saw a truck run over my friends. OK?

Kadar emphasized that this has nothing to do with the Elor Azariya case. "Don't any of you dare to compare a semitrailer driving at 100 kilometers an hour (60 miles an hour) to a terrorist lying prone. Nobody was scared to shoot, people were scared to be run over because a terrorist had run amok with murder in his eyes," she said.

"We ran to the truck like crazy. People didn't stop trying to shoot until there was a fear that they would shoot at one another and therefore they retreated." She maintains that the incident was managed exceptionally and only because the cadets did eliminate the terrorist in less than a minute were they able to "prevent a scenario with many more casualties."

Kadar concluded that "our feelings are very difficult at this time, our friends were killed and wounded before our eyes - the least you can do is not to falsely slander us, because we did the exact opposite."