Sarah Lahav
Sarah LahavHezki Baruch

Sarah Lahav, the mother of IDF soldier Segev Lahav who was wounded in the ramming attack at the Haas promenade in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem, spoke about meeting with him in hospital.

"My son is in an officer's training course at Training Base 1. He was supposed to be beginning a week of vacation time from the training. This week is considered the safest part of the course," said Lahav.

She added that it was precisely on the one day that she was not updated on the latest news that the murderous attack took place. "I am traumatized by what happened today. I couldn't speak to [Segev]. He saw terrible things. He saw friends killed next to him who yesterday slept in the bed next to him."

"Now his head is being sewn up and I hope he will not have a scar. I wasn't listening to the news today and then I got a message on my phone: Mum, I was wounded and I'm in Shaarei Tzedek hospital."

Four soldiers were murdered and a further fifteen people were wounded when a terrorist repeatedly rammed them with a truck Sunday afternoon.