Uri Ariel
Uri Ariel Eliran Aharon

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said in an interview with Arutz Sheva today that the annexation of Ma'ale Adumim would be a very important step for Israel to take at this juncture.

"I had the privilege of being the first settler in the nucleus of Ma'ale Adumim in 1975." Minister Ariel said. "41 years have passed, and we are now moving towards annexation. I am happy that the Jewish Home is leading the move, and I expect it to be a sign [of things to come] for all of Judea and Samaria, and for [the establishment] of equal rights for all citizens."

When you hear voices from the right, such as Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, saying that we need to wait for the next US administration, do you accept that?

"I don't think like Tzachi Hanegbi. It is important to coordinate with the US administration, but not as a condition. We did it with Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and the time has come for sovereignty in Judea and Samaria " Ariel said.

What are your thoughts on the scandals associated with the name of the Prime Minister and the expected investigation?

"We should investigate carefully, and I trust the police." he answered. "Together with that, there is an [issue of] public persecution which does not leave anything be, even things [which turn out to be] nonsense. We go through that as well. I wish for the Prime Minister to continue in this government with us for the good of the people of Israel and the State of Israel."

Ariel mourned the passing of former Justice Minister Prof. Yaakov Neeman. "A great man. I have personally known Yaakov Neeman for 30 years. I will say that I was a member of the Judicial Appointments Committee, and they said that we would not be able to appoint justices to the Supreme Court because there were tensions. Thanks to Yaakov Neeman, who mediated between us, we were successful in appointing judges. He worked on behalf of the State and people of Israel. [He was] a man of grace and of blessed memory."

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