Obama and Abbas Meet
Obama and Abbas MeetWhite House

President-elect Donald Trump's aides reportedly warned President Barack Obama not to "even think about" trying to push for progress on the Israeli-Arab conflict between now and January 20.

Politico quoted a "national security adviser" of Trump's as saying Obama "shouldn't go seeking new adventures or pushing through policies that clearly don't match Trump's positions." This includes "efforts to bring peace to the Israelis and the Palestinians - even if those initiatives are symbolic at best...[Trump] has made it very clear he will support Israel and its preferences."

Several times, concerns were raised about how Obama would act after elections, and if he would push anti-Israel UN resolutions after he no longer had to worry about their effect on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign.

On Friday, Trump expressed hopes he would be able to create "the ultimate deal" that would end the "war that never ends" between Israel and the terrorist bodies within its borders. However, he also said any deal would need to be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has consistently refused to negotiate with Israel until all of his preconditions are met, though he refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish country and insists international bodies pressure Israel to give in to all PA demands.The PA also claims to have a "right" to award those who kill Israeli civilians.