Fire in Yitzhar
Fire in Yitzhar Yitzhar spokesperson

A mother of three living in the Samarian Jewish community of Yitzhar woke up at four in the morning after hearing a strange noise, when she discovered that her bedroom was covered in smoke.

She and her husband jumped out of bed and sprinted through the hallway, already engulfed in a large fire, to the children’s bedroom on the other side of the house.

“First thing, we took our baby and two other children and put them in the car. While driving to a neighbor’s house, we called the security coordinator of the community, who alerted firefighters and the community’s firefighting team,” the parents related.

The firefighting team of the community was established a year ago; recently, it was equipped with professional equipment. The team arrived after several minutes and quickly put out the fire.

The wooden house, which had, only recently, undergone renovations and remodeling, was almost completely burned on the inside, and all of the family equipment - electrical appliances, clothes, children’s games - were severely damaged.

This morning, the community’s emergency staff and neighbors located a substitute home for the family, and started to assess the damage caused to the family so as to help them financially.