New runway at Ben Gurion Airport
New runway at Ben Gurion AirportAirport Authority spokesperson

In the wake of maintenance and renovation work on the runways at Ben Gurion Airport, the Airport Authority has changed the landing and take off paths for incoming and outgoing airplanes during the course of the renovations.

According to information obtained by MK Uri Maklev (UTJ), the alternative path chosen by the authority traverses cemeteries in the central region of the country, which could prevent Kohanim from traveling during the course of the next two weeks before the termination of the renovation work.

Consequently Maklev arranged a meeting with Yaakov Ganot, head of the Airport Authority. The meeting was attended by rabbis and leading members of the Airport Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority in the Transportation Ministry.

Maklev said that "there are a number of solutions including designating a number of flights a day which will fly on an alternative flight path.

Ganot exhibited a clear understanding of the dilemma and announced that he would accept any arrangement which would solve the problem without presenting a safety risk to airplanes.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that a team representing organizations which aid Kohanim would sit with members of the Airport Authority to find innovative solutions so that Kohanim will be able to fly without any concern during the course of the renovations at Ben Gurion Airport. It was also decided to significantly reduce the time frame for the maintenance work.