Apple Store (illustration)
Apple Store (illustration)Reuters

Israel's Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan,(Likud) has demanded that Google Play and the Apple App stores remove a free-to-play game which, he claims, incites people to kill Israeli soldiers, according to the Walla Hebrew news site.

The game in question, 'Liyla and the Shadows of War,' has players taking on the role of a girl in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. The IDF is the villain of the game and is depicted as wantonly cruel and full of murderers. The visual and gameplay style of the game is taken from the popular survival-puzzle videogame 'Limbo.'

The game does not feature any overt references to Gaza or Israel. However, the games creator, Gaza resident Rasheed Abueideh says that the game is “based on actual events; it tells a story of a little girl in Gaza during the war in 2014.” He also states that the game is a "cry for help."

Erdan expressed concern to Google and Apple that the game could put IDF soldiers in danger by demonizing them as a faceless and merciless enemy.

Neither Google nor Apple has responded to Erdan's request yet. In 2014 Google removed two games about Operation Protective Edge, one in which the Israeli Air Force dropped bombs on Gaza, and another in which terrorists fired rockets at Israel.