Donald Trump on the campaign trail in Wisconsin
Donald Trump on the campaign trail in WisconsinReuters

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and former Mayor of Beitar Illit Yitzhak Pindrus (United Torah Judaism) has thrown his support behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

An American citizen registered in the swing state of Ohio, Pindrus said he had already voted for Trump with an absentee ballot.

Speaking to BeHadrei Haredim on Sunday, Pindrus explained his decision to vote, and why he had chosen to back the Republican candidate.

“The rabbinic leadership of the haredi world has instructed us to get involved in politics globally,” said Pindrus, adding that “Agudath Israel America has called upon all haredi Jews to take advantage of their right to vote – a call I followed.”

Regarding his choice in the election, Pindrus explained that his decision was two-fold – both as a Jew interested in the future of Jerusalem, and as an American citizen.

“First of all, my feeling as a Jerusalemite is that there is a greater chance for the building freeze that has been imposed by the Obama administration to be lifted with a change in government,” saying that “the issue of building in Jerusalem is the biggest motivation [to vote for Trump].”

“In addition, as an American citizen I don’t really agree with the Obama administration’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Arab states.”