Israel’s Consul General in New York, Dani Dayan, says that he sees a lot of love for Israel in the United States.

Dayan spoke with Arutz Sheva at the Israeli American Council (IAC) conference being held in Washington.

“I see so much warmth, so much sympathy, so much love towards Israel from every organization I come across in the United States, that I’m not surprised to see it here,” he said.

In his new role as Consul General in New York, Dayan outlined the four goals he has set for himself.

“The first one is the Hispanic community, which will be one third of the American electorate in 40 years. To reach out to them then will be too late. We have to reach out to them now,” said Dayan, who grew up in Argentina and as such speaks Spanish.

“I reach out to [the Hispanic community] in their native language which is also my native language and I hope it will have a good effect,” he added.

His second goal is “to reach out to those Jews who like Israel but have differences of opinion with the government. I don’t intend to boycott them. I intend to engage with them in a very serious dialogue.”

Dayan’s third goal is the millennials, “the young generation. I’m no longer a millennial. I’m already 60 years old, and we will have to engage with them in their language.”

The fourth and final goal is Jewish unity, Dayan continued.

“The Jewish unity inside the American Jewish community and between the American Jewish community and Israel for me is sacred. I will be very active in preventing anything that can hurt it,” he stressed.

Asked whether his former role as the Director of the Yesha Council plays a part in his mission as Consul General in New York, Dayan replied that he is “exactly the same Dani Dayan who was for six years the chairman of the Yesha Council.”

Having said that, he added, “I’m not a decision maker. I represent the government and the government’s policy. I don’t find it difficult to represent the policy of the government. I worked very hard for the Prime Minister to be elected, so even if there are some differences between me and the current policies of the government, they do not prevent me from representing it. I represent all of Israeli society. Not only the ‘settlers’, but also the residents of Judea and Samaria.”