Yair Lapid (Left, Yesh Atid) with Aryeh Deri (Right, Shas)
Yair Lapid (Left, Yesh Atid) with Aryeh Deri (Right, Shas)צילום: פלאש 90

MK and former Finance Minister Yair Lapid, chairman of the Yesh Atid party, lent a helping hand to a yeshiva (religious school) in Hadera, ensuring that it would not have to close its doors forever.

Lapid, who often clashes with the haredi sector, is the son of the late, outspoken, anti-religious former Cabinet Minister Tommy Lapid.

Hadera is a city near the Mediterranean coast, between Netanya and Haifa.

The yeshiva, Darchei Hillel, had been ordered to leave its building by the city elders, due to a legal imbroglio which appeared to leave no solution. The legal process lasted three years. Despite the yeshiva's efforts, including pleas to Knesset Members, the court ordered the yeshiva to evacuate the building premises by the 11th day of Av, Jewish calendar year 5776 – two days ago.

Finally, with no other recourse, the yeshiva leaders turned to Yair Lapid and asked for his help. Lapid turned to one of his party members, Hadera Mayor Tzvika Gendelman, and asked what he could do.

Gendelman was unable to overturn the court decision, of course, but helped the growing yeshiva find an alternative site – and the yeshiva was saved.

The Yesh Atid party issued this statement afterwards: "The value of mutual responsibility is one of the central pillars of MK Lapid. He helps whoever needs aid, regardless of whether he is secular, haredi, or religious, but rather by virtue of his being a citizen of the State of Israel who has asked for help. In these days, following the 9th of Av [the ultimate day of mourning for the Holy Temple that was destroyed because of hatred and lack of unity – ed.], the significance of mutual aid and offering help to those in need in our society is placed in sharp relief… [We strive to] strengthen unity instead of divisiveness, and Lapid will continue to help all those who need help."