Regev with Olympic medalists Yarden Gerbi and Ori Sasson
Regev with Olympic medalists Yarden Gerbi and Ori SassonRegev spokesperson

Sports Minister Miri Regev is working to protect the honor of Israel's Olympians - from the tax authorities.

Regev is trying to take down a tax which Israeli Olympians pay when they merit a medal.

"I see the winner's prize-money earnings as the minimal and symbolic reimbursement for the efforts and tremendous dedication of the athletes over the years. Their accomplishments do a tremendous service to the State of Israel, and it is unacceptable to take more from them than what they have already given."

The minister is also working on a budget change which would give priority to investment in sports in which Israel has won medals.

According to her, "Israel teams which bring home Olympic wins, led by the judo team, will get more. The judo team has turned Israel into a judo powerhouse, and brought national pride to the whole country."

The minister claims that at the end of the Rio Olympic games, she will review a plan drafted by the Sports Ministry and and the Olympic Committee, which focuses on assisting Olympic athletes to retire with dignity, and to work as coaches, managers, directors, or any other option they might pursue. Additionally, it will create a multi-year plan to train the next generation of Olympic athletes.

"The great athletes and coaches deserve the support and assistance of the state, even after their time serving the state on the world's major stages is over. Similarly, it is on us to plan and budget for growing the future generation of Olympic sports, and it is my intention to bring forth a multi-year plan which will ensure this," said Regev.