Belgian soldiers and armed police patrol central Brussels
Belgian soldiers and armed police patrol central Brussels Reuters

Police in Brussels arrested a man after they were alerted to a "suspicious situation," the BBC reports. According to AFP, he was wearing a fake suicide vest.

The situation, which was treated as a potential bomb threat, occurred at the City 2 shopping center. Police have blocked off nearby streets and Prime Minister Charles Michel is currently in a meeting with the national crisis response center.

According to local media, an internal police memo about increased threats to shopping centers has been circulating over the past week. The city is now on terror alert level three, out of a maximum of four.

Belgian authorities are still treating any possible terror threats seriously, after coordinated ISIS attacks in March left 32 people dead.

"For the moment, the situation is under control," said Prime Minister Michel, according to Le Soir. He added that the security services are still "extremely vigilant."

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