Belgian prosecutors on Thursday released new CCTV footage of the fugitive terrorist from the lethal Brussels airport bombings late last month, in a request from the public to help provide leads to hunt him down. English subtitles can be selected in the video.

The video, presented at a press conference, shows the route the third bomber at the Zavantem Airport took as he fled the scene. He accompanied two suicide bombers - one of whom previously worked at the European Parliament - who detonated at the airport, and around an hour later another explosion rocked a Brussels metro station.

All in all 32 victims were murdered in the attacks that were claimed by Islamic State (ISIS), while three terrorists died detonating their explosives. Some Belgian Muslims held street parties immediately after the bombings to celebrate the attacks.

In the CCTV footage the third terrorist is seen leaving the airport area immediately after 7:58 a.m., when the suicide bombers detonated. He walked towards central Brussels, discarding his jacket on the way. The Belgian prosecutors asked that anyone who found the jacket come forward.

The fugitive terrorist's tracks are lost at 9:50 a.m., when he is last seen walking up the Chausee de Louvain before disappearing on the Avenue de la Brabanconne.

Prosecutors asked members of the public who may have useful information to call 0800 30 300 (in Belgium) or 003225544488 (from abroad).

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