Pro-Palestinian activist in London (file)
Pro-Palestinian activist in London (file) Reuters

Another official with the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) has resigned over the group's discriminatory and anti-Israel actions.

Brahma Mohanty, who served as the club's disabilities officer, says that the society has been reduced to a "shadow of its former glory," the Telegraph reports.

He explained his feelings in a resignation letter, saying: "I took on the roles of BME Officer and indeed the Disabilities Officer role as I am passionate about advocating issues concerning access and diversity and as a lifelong Labour supporter, wanted to ensure OULC was at the forefront of that.

"However I have personally experienced in recent weeks and meetings that this does not appear to be an ethos shared amongst the OULC body in light of the passing of the Israeli Apartheid Week motion and the more recent motion which essentially 'purges' the OULC membership and forces members to subscribe to a radical ideology of division and isolation.

"Simply put, I cannot in good faith carry out my duties in promoting access and engagement with a club that I feel is projecting itself in the complete opposite manner."

This is the latest in a number of concerning stories coming out of both Oxford University and the UK Labour Party. Last month, the OULC co-chair also resigned after saying that many club members "have a problem with Jews." Stories quickly came out of anti-Semitic bullying in the OULC and Labour students mocking Jewish terror victims.

The central party is not faring much better. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as his "friends" and has been accused of supporting notorious anti-Semites and a Holocaust denier. Only last week, the party appointed a member to a vice-chair position even though she had been suspended in 2014 for posting anti-Semitic tweets (she was suspended again the day after the story came to light).