Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority's (PA) Foreign Ministry is refuting what they are calling "The Israeli policy of Judaizing" in the "Palestinian Jordan Valley". 

In an official statement the Ministry called upon the international community to stop Israel from actions which include the Judaization of the area and the forceful removal of local residents. Additionally they have asked the international community to take legal action in the area in order to protect the Palestinian people and to enact binding regulations in the United Nations Security Council that will prevent further establishment of Israeli settlement in the area.

The Ministry emphasized that the Jordan Valley is an integral part of the "occupied country of Palestine" and that all of the unilateral moves that Israel it taking in reclaiming state owned land are in violation of international law.   

The Ministry backed up its comments with "evidence" that it bought from reports of "Israeli human rights organizations". The Ministry further accused Israel of removing evidence of Palestinian ownership of the land in area C by turning agricultural fields into training bases for the military which endanger the lives of Palestinians and causes them to lose hope of living in dignity on the land of their fathers.