Bennett at Kikar Rabin
Bennett at Kikar RabinPhoto: Spokesperson

Minister of Education and Jewish Home chairperson Naftali Bennett went on three-mile jog Sunday evening through the streets of Tel Aviv, arriving at the scene of Friday’s shooting attack on Dizengoff Street.

Bennett was joined by dozens of joggers in a gesture meant to give a message that Tel Aviv will remain a city that never sleeps, and not a city where people are afraid to leave their homes.

At the start of the jog, Minister Bennett said, “I heard that residents were afraid to leave the house, which is exactly what terrorism wants. They want us to be afraid, scared to leave our house, and to lose our normal life.”

“This is why secular and religious, right and left, we have all come together, and to show that when we're together no one can stop us - not even the rain. Let us remember Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi. We will remember their joy and their love of this place. We should not blame anyone but must demand more from ourselves.”

The Minister of Education stressed, ''We need to raise our heads and rejoice. The answer to terrorism is the unity of the people.”

Bennett's Sunday jog
Bennett's Sunday jogPhoto: Spokesperson