A British charity has come under investigation after one of its trustees uploaded a video accusing "f---ing Jews" of tracking people's cellular data, the UK's Jewish News reports. 

The UK's official Charity Commission announced Wednesday its probe into misconduct and mismanagement at the Ghulam Mustafa Trust, which raises money to fight poverty in Pakistan. 

The video (which contains offensive language - ed.) was uploaded to the trust's official Facebook page sometime last spring. In it, viewers are shown how to remove a so-called tracking device from their mobile phones. 

The man narrating the clip claims the bug was “recording every of yours (sic) photographs…f---king Jews." He then says, "let’s see if this works inshallah" before suddenly being interrupted.

The Charity Commission first contacted the trust in June over the post, after notifying the police. Upon receiving no response from the charity about changing its practices, the Commission launched a formal inquiry into Ghulam Mustafa's governance and management. 

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism praised the official probe, noting it had submitted a formal complaint against the video to the Charity Commission back in September. 

"This step allows the Charity Commission to use the full extent of its powers, including removing and disqualifying the trustee," the group said in a statement on its website. “That is what we hope the inquiry will decide is the appropriate measure in this matter."