Nir Levlovich
Nir Levlovich Eliran Aharon

Terror victim Alexander Levlovich's son, Nir, expressed shock on Thursday at the prosecution's decision to charge his father's killers with manslaughter instead of murder. 

Five Arabs from Dur Baher were arraigned at the Jerusalem District Court in the morning for their participation in the rock attack on Rosh Hashanah eve that prompted Levlovich to lose control of his car and suffer a fatal heart attack. 

"We are all shocked by the State of Israel's decision," Levlovich told Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview. "We all know Dad was murdered by five terrorist who came out deliberately to kill Jews."

"We understand the difficulties of Israel law and expect the law to be changed. Dad's case is a very significant one, because the law must begin to recognize that a rock is a murder weapon, which it currently does not hold."

Levlovich noted that despite disappointment over the lesser charge, the family is not discouraged and will continue efforts to stiffen the indictment against the terrorists.  

"I have not yet studied the entire indictment," he noted. "We will sit down as a family together with the prosecutor's office to try and see what can be done."

"Right now, we're angry," Levlovich said. "We feel wronged. It's unfair and unjust that terrorists who left a Hamas convention and then came to intentionally murder Jews are charged with only manslaughter." 

"I hope such evidence will be presented during trial and they will be treated as murderers thereafter," he added. 

The bereaved son concluded by describing the painful feeling of coming face-to-face with the terrorists who murdered his father. 

"I saw them, it's very hard to describe the feeling, to look them in the eye and know they came to kill my father and they succeeded," Levlovich said. "Our luck is that we are reserved and cultured people, but this struggle of ours is for the sake of the whole State of Israel."