Abdullah Barghouti
Abdullah Barghouti Noam Moskowitz/Flash90

Tens of Palestinian Authority (PA) documents reveal that Ramallah pays salaries to convicted Hamas terrorists, Reshet Bet revealed Tuesday afternoon. 

Among them: 

  • Abdullah Barghouti, who was was arrested in March 2003 and sentenced in 2004 to 67 life sentences for his role in the murders of Israelis in a string of suicide bombings; 
  • Ibrahim Hamad, the Judea and Samaria head of Hamas’s terrorist operations from 2001 to 2006, who coordinated attacks in which 46 people were murdered and is now serving 54 life sentences; and
  • Convicted terrorist Muhammad Arman, who served as a link between Hamas and the Silwan terror cell and is serving 36 consecutive life sentences for various terror attacks, and wrote a guidebook on abductions from within Israeli prison.
PA docs
PA docs

The PA documents also reveal a number of PA police force officers who committed terror attacks during the Second Intifada on the payroll.