Cows (illustration)
Cows (illustration)Nati Shohat/Flash 90

In a tragic incident on Friday morning, a 60-year-old farmer was gored by a cow in his herd and critically wounded.

The elderly farmer hails from the agricultural moshav of Dalton, located near Tzfat (Safed) in the northern Merom Hagalil Regional Council.

While tending his herd on Friday morning, one of the cows charged at him with its horns for reasons that are not yet clear, inflicting serious wounds.

His 12-year-old grandson was with him at the time, and hurried to call his mother.

She evacuated the grandfather to the emergency room at Tzfat's Ziv Hospital, where he is receiving medical treatment.

The farmer isn't the only elderly farmer to be attacked by wildlife in recent weeks.

On July 31 a wolf bit a 75-year-old Druze farmer from the village of Buqata on the Golan Heights.

He was bit on the face and hand while working in his family's apple orchard, in an attack that left him lightly to moderately wounded.

After breaking free of the wolf and scaring it off, he managed to drive himself home in his tractor before being driven to Ziv Hospital, where the deep cuts on his face, neck and hand were treated.

He was given an immunization against rabies, and was to remain under the watch of the hospital staff while receiving antibiotic treatment to prevent the infection of his large wounds.