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The deadly terror group Islamic State (ISIS) has become infamous for its unique use of social media to recruit new fighters for its regime, and has sparked a special crackdown on terror over the past several years.

But last week, three Russian women employed ISIS's internet savvy to their advantage - using recruitment attempts as a moneymaking opportunity. 

The girls would connect with ISIS online and meet with recruiters, claiming they were eager to go to Syria, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. 

Once there, the girls would claim that all they lacked for the journey to ISIS's self-styled caliphate was recruitment money - which ISIS recruiters were often more than happy to provide. Once they received the money by electronic transfer, the swindlers would simply cash it and delete the social media account.

The girls swindled some $3,300 before being caught by a Chechen police unit monitoring online terrorism. Police say that the con was "unprecedented."